The Planning Department administers all zoning and subdivision regulations for all property within the Town's planning jurisdiction, which includes the corporate (city) limits as well as the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).


For the past few years, the Planning Dept. has been hard at work developing plans to move the Town forward.  As one of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina, growth is inevitable but planning for it will help ensure that our Town maintains the quality of life attributes that make Fuquay-Varina such a desirable place to call home.   

A Pedestrian Master Plan was adopted in 2014.  The Land Development Ordinance (LDO) was adopted in October of this year and will become effective on December 30, 2016.  The Pedestrian Master Plan, LDO, 2035 Community Vision LUP and CTP work together to shape the Town’s future.  


The following services are provided by the Planning Department: 

  • Addressing
  • Development services (site and subdivision plan review; zoning map and text amendment requests; and annexation petitions)
  • Long-range planning (2035 Community Vision Land Use Plan; Town Center Plan; Community Transportation Plan; and Community Pedestrian Master Plan)
  • Technical staff support for the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment
  • Transportation planning 
  • Zoning
Please email or call the Planning Department at 919-552-1429. 

Community Transportation Plan (CTP)

The Town is updating our community transportation plan (CTP).  The CTP creates the Town's desired vision and steps for providing adequate transportation into the future.  

View the DRAFT Community Transportation Plan Presentation.  

2035 Community Vision Land Use Plan

The 2035 Community Vision Land Use Plan, once adopted, will establish a long-term growth and development patterns in the Town.  

View the DRAFT 2035 Community Land Use Plan

Land Development Ordinance

Click HERE to see the Land Development Ordinance (LDO),