Town Center Plan

Town Center Plan - Phase One Area

Several years ago the Fuquay-Varina Board of Commissioners approved the Town Center Plan Guidelines for the Fuquay and Varina downtown areas. This plan includes guidelines and information, with the purpose of making the downtown, as a whole, a viable destination of mixed-use development, architectural continuity, and to provide a pedestrian friendly atmosphere with unique living and shopping opportunities.


The adopted guideline plan breaks the entire downtown into two sections, Phase One and Phase Two. Phase One includes the core area of downtown Fuquay, Varina, and "the link," while Phase Two is the larger area surrounding the core of downtown (Phase One). The Town Center Plan calls for the introduction of new zoning districts, with standards and regulations to replace previous zoning districts in the downtown area. To date, the Phase Two Area of the Town Center Plan has not been studied further than the extent included in the Town Center Plan Guidelines.

Stakeholder Involvement

The Town Board of Commissioners directed Planning Staff, with the assistance of a Board-appointed citizen stakeholders committee consisting of representatives of downtown businesses and property owners, to prepare new zoning regulations that would provide flexibility and market stability for new development, redevelopment, and infill development in the Phase One Area of the Town Center Plan.


Zoning ordinance (Town Code of Ordinances) text amendments to create two new zoning districts and the rezoning of properties in the Town Center Plan, Phase One Area were initiated and approved in August 2012. The new zoning districts are called DC-1 Downtown Center-1 District and DC-2 Downtown Center-2 District, each with better standards dealing with urban form and design, and less restrictions on uses.

Subsequent Amendments & Changes

The information contained within this section reflects amendments and changes made after the August 6, 2012 approval of the Downtown Center Districts text amendments and zoning changes.

CTA-2012-06 Minimum Height for Canopies and Awnings
The State Building Code regulates the minimum height of canopies and awnings as it relates to those covering or projecting over sidewalks. In order to provide consistency between the State Building Code and Town Code, the required minimum height has been changed to match that required by the State Building Code.

Contact Information

For more information regarding any of the information contained herein, please contact the Town of Fuquay-Varina Planning Department at 919-552-1429 during normal business hours.
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