Construction Plans

Submitting Construction Plans

If the preliminary plat is approved, the applicant may submit, at any time, the required sets of construction plans (also known as construction drawings) to the Planning Department. These plans should be designed according to any conditions placed on the subdivision by the Town Board; showing all improvements required and adheres to the Town ordinances, adopted plans or policies and Town's Standards Specification and Construction Details Manual.

Review Schedule

Once the construction plans are submitted it will follow a review schedule by the Town's Development Review Committee (DRC) which membership consist of town staff from several Town Departments. The DRC will be reviewing the proposed preliminary plat to insure that it is in compliance with the Town ordinances, development standards and adopted plans or policies. The plan may also be review by other Town staff outside the DRC, Federal, State or local agencies, or others, as the Planning Department considers appropriate.


The DRC will review the construction plans and determine either to approve the plans or recommend revisions. The Planning staff will inform the applicant of all recommend revisions, and the applicant shall address these revisions before the plans can be approved. The construction plans process may go through several reviews and re-submittals before final approval. Special studies may be required as part of this process.