How a Road Gets Built

  1. Planning

    The Town of Fuquay-Varina spends a great deal of time planning roadways. The Town adopted a Community Transportation Plan in 2006 to use as a guide for development and transportation improvements for the 20 year horizon.

  2. Programming

    Historically, the Town has assessed the construction of roads as they were programmed by NCDOT and made decisions based on need. Since municipalities do not receive any direct source of funding for roadway construction and must rely on tax revenue – primarily property tax revenue (or occasionally borrowing through a voter approved bond), it is necessary to be judicious with projects that come directly from Town funding.

  3. Project Development & Analysis

    Before any road construction can begin, the project must be fully explored and developed for feasibility and environmental impacts. For NCDOT, the Project Development and Environmental Analysis Branch, or PDEA, is responsible for the development and preparation of planning and environmental documents for all highway projects in the STIP.

  4. Design

    Information collected during the planning stages is used to determine the location and type of proposed highway to be constructed.

  5. Right-of-Way

    Right-of-way is the process NCDOT goes through to obtain the land needed to complete highway projects. This is the last major activity to occur between the completion of design and the release of the project to bidders for construction.

  6. Construction

    Once the road design is complete, bids are received for construction on the identified date and are disclosed publicly, The Board of Transportation awards (or the Town Board for Town projects) the contract to the lowest responsible bidder.

  7. A Local Case Study - Judd Parkway

    Judd Parkway is an excellent example of many of the ways roadways get built in Town.