ETJ Expansion

The Town of Fuquay-Varina has submitted a request to Wake County to expand its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) by 22,049 acres. The Town’s current ETJ (as of July 2, 2018) totals 8,739 acres.

View an interactive map of the ETJ Expansion.

The ETJ is the area outside Fuquay-Varina’s Town limits but subject to Town zoning and development regulations. If a property in the ETJ is developed, construction follows the Town’s standards. This ensures that developments are harmonious with one another and with the Town’s future land use plan. ETJ areas also allow the Town to manage infrastructure expansion (such as water and sewer lines) as lands are developed. Property in the ETJ is not in Town limits so property owners do not pay Town taxes.

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ETJ Quick Facts

Is ETJ area in the Town limits No.
Do property owners in the ETJ pay Town taxes? No.
Can ETJ residents vote in Town elections? No.
Is ETJ in Town or County Zoning? Town of Fuquay-Varina.
Where do property owners go to apply for building permits for additions, sheds, and other structures? Fuquay-Varina Town Hall.
Who provides police protection? Wake County Sheriff’s Department.
Can ETJ residents serve on Town boards and committees? Yes, they may serve on Fuquay-Varina’s Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, 
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, or other committees as created.


How does being in the ETJ affect my property?

If you are not planning any significant changes to your property, you will most likely not notice any difference. However, your property will transfer from Wake County’s zoning district to Fuquay-Varina’s, and this means that, if you decide to make changes, there may be some differences in certain requirements. The most apparent change being that instead of traveling to downtown Raleigh to obtain permits, you’ll be able to do so at Fuquay-Varina’s Town Hall. A permit is needed from the Town for construction of additions, fences, dumpsters, parking areas, and signs.There will be no difference in building code requirements as both the County and Fuquay-Varina follow the NC Building Code. 

How does being in the ETJ affect businesses operated from my home or my home occupation?

Please refer to the Town's Home Occupation User Guide.

Will I be able to comment and ask questions?

Yes, there will be multiple opportunities to do so. During September and October 2018, the Planning Department will be hosting multiple ETJ Expansion Community Information Meetings at various locations, as well as information booths during the Follow Me 2 Fuquay-Varina (FM2FV) Concert Series. Of course, you can always contact the Planning Department staff directly Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm.

For a detailed schedule, please refer to the Community Information Meetings Flyer.

How does being in the ETJ affect bona fide farms?

As provide by North Carolina law, a property used for bona fide farm purposes is exempt from Town zoning. If the property ceases to be used as a bona fide farm, it becomes subject to Town zoning.

Do property owners in the ETJ receive Town water and sewer?

No, water and sewer services are not automatically provided to properties when they are added to the ETJ. If property owners wish to receive Town water and sewer services, they must apply to be annexed into Town limits. For more info regarding annexation and connection to Town water and sewer, please contact the Fuquay-Varina Planning Department at (919) 552-1429 or

Do addresses change when properties become part of the ETJ?

No. The ETJ expansion does not modify mailing addresses or change zip codes.

What if I don’t want to be annexed?

The ETJ expansion does not annex your property. Annexation is an entirely different process and is only initiated at the request of the property owner.

How will my property be zoned?

Any property added to the Town’s ETJ will be placed into the Town zoning district that is the most compatible with its current Wake County zoning district.

For more information regarding your property's zoning, please refer to the interactive ETJ Webmap.