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Town of Fuquay-Varina Supplement Employment Application For Police Officer Candidates

  1. Have you ever been fired / terminated from a job?

  2. As a police officers, have you ever resigned in lieu of being terminated?

  3. Have you ever been formally disciplined (i.e. written warning, suspension, demotion, termination, etc.) for an unexcused absence from work?

  4. Have you ever been formally disciplined for misconduct or poor job performance?

  5. As a Police Officer, have you ever been formally disciplined for falsifying or altering an official document?

  6. Have you ever been charged with any crime (including arrest, summons, or citation) except for a minor traffic violation?

  7. For applicants who do not currently possess a North Carolina Driver’s License, has your driver’s license ever been revoked or suspended?

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