Knox Box

The Fuquay-Varina Fire Department wants our residents, especially those that are immobilized or have limited mobility to know about the Knox HomeBox.

What is a Knox HomeBox?

It’s a key control system that allows emergency responders quick access to provide medical assistance if a resident is unable to reach the door and reduces forced entry property damage. The Fuquay-Varina Fire Department will be the only key holder and the key is secure on fire trucks that require a PIN code to release. The Box is ordered and paid for directly from Knox by the resident with a one-time purchase and no monthly fees. If you are interested in learning more, please contact or Buddy Walters at 919-753-1014.

What is a HomeBox?

  • A new program for seniors and other at-risk (and/or immobile) people in town.
  • A lock box that contains the key to the residence. Only the fire department has the key to open the box.
  • The box will only be accessed in times of emergencies.
  • There are other cities in the are that have this program.
  • The cost of a HomeBox is $170. Interested residents can order at
  • The Homebox is easy to install and comes with two mounting options: hangs over the door or affixed to the house.

How the program works:

  • Resident purchases box (
  • Knox ships the box unlocked and open.
  • The resident is asked to install the box and call the Fuquay-Varina Fire Department (919-552-0422.  If you are unable to install the device, the Fuquay-Varina Fire Department will help install it.
  • The fire department tests the key and then locks it in the box.
  • The box comes with a red sticker that is put on the door or window that alerts the fire department that the house has a HomeBox.