Judd Parkway

NW Judd Parkway opened on May 7, 2021 and constructs the northwest quadrant of Judd Parkway, finishing the Judd Parkway Loop and cements Judd Parkway’s function as a local artery and regional connector for U.S. 401, NC 55, and NC 42. 

Here's some information about NW Judd Parkway and the Judd Parkway Loop:

Long-Term Vision for Judd Parkway

  • The vision to build a loop around Fuquay-Varina began in the 1970’s.
  • Judd Parkway represents good long-range planning and good partnerships with state and local agencies and private developers.
  • Our partners have been CAMPO, NCDOT, and private developers.

Facts about NW Judd Parkway

  • 2.2-mile section completes the loop
  • Expected to ease congestion, especially pressure points such as Wake Chapel Road, Ennis Street, and the Judd/Main Intersection.
  • The total cost of the project is $24.8 million.  A LAPP grant paid for $8.654 million.
  • Contractors on the project are S.T. Wooten, Kimley-Horn, SEPI.

Facts about Judd Parkway

  • Approximately 7 miles long
  • Improves traffic flow and commuter times for residents and regional commuters from Southern Wake and bordering counties.
  • The cost to build the entire Judd Parkway loop is approximately $44 million of which $12 million was grants leveraged by the town.  

Grants Helped Build Judd Parkway

  • NW Judd Parkway portion received a LAPP grant in the amount of $8.65 million.
  • Judd and Main improvements received grants from CAMPO, NCDOT Grant and the North Carolina State Legislature totaling $3.4 million.

Washington Street Extension

  • The extension of Washington Street, which is included in the project, provides greater and more convenient access to town services for one of Fuquay-Varina’s oldest neighborhoods as well as improved connectivity for Lincoln Heights Elementary School.


  • Judd Parkway increases transportation choices by providing multi-modal connections to essential services, including schools, public services, health care, and amenities. 
  • NW Judd Parkway affords strong pedestrian connectivity with 6 miles of sidewalks and private investment filling in the gap rapidly.

Additional Transportation Projects in Fuquay-Varina

At the end of 2020, the Town was awarded three Federal Highway Grants.  In 2021, the town will begin work on three other projects in which Federal Highway Grants were previously awarded but delayed.  Combined, these grants total over $6 million and the six projects range from widening Sunset Lake Road in the vicinity of Broad Street and N. Main Street to adding lanes at the intersection of Judd Parkway and South Main Street near the Community Center. 

For a full list of Fuquay-Varina Transportation Projects.