New Development


The Engineering Department provides the following typical services for new development:

Driveway Permits and Encroachment Agreements

  • For Driveway Permits on Town-Maintained Roads
    • Complete the TOFV Application for Building Permit (PDF) (Complete applicable information only)
    • Two copies of the plot plan. The plot plan must be drawn to scale and show the proposed driveway and existing utilities.
    • Application and plot plans shall be submitted to the Inspections Department for processing. Issuance of a building permit signifies that the driveway has been permitted for construction and inspections. 
    • Note: For driveways associated with new development (Site Plans and Subdivision Plans), driveways are permitted through development review and building permit issuance.  
  • For Utility Encroachments on Town-Maintained Roads
  • For Driveway Permits and Encroachment Agreements on NCDOT-Maintained Roads:
    • Complete NCDOT required forms. For NCDOT questions, please contact NCDOT, Division 5, District 1
    • For Site Plans and Subdivision Plans for New Development, submit forms with development review package to the Planning Department
    • For encroachments not associated with development review, such as for dry utilities and residential driveways, please submit NCDOT forms and a plan for proposed encroachments to Hannah Shaw at
    • Once driveway permits and encroachments are signed by the Town Engineering Director, they may be submitted to NCDOT. 

Documents for New Development

See the Document Downloads page for more detailed requirements and for required submittal documents.