Fuquay-Varina Strategic Plan

The Town of Fuquay-Varina's strategic plan...

  • clearly identifies the governing body's priorities, 
  • aligns resources and work plans with the Town Board’s vision,
  • and provides the capacity to adapt to short-term realities while pursuing and evaluating progress on long-term goals.

Strategic Plan Progress Report

The Strategic Plan Progress Report, provided to the Town Board at its February 2023 retreat, gives status updates on the initiatives associated with the Strategic Plan’s objectives.



In progressOngoing

In progressIn progress

Most initiatives are ongoing in nature and may always show an ongoing status. Some initiatives will take several years to complete and will show an in progress status until completed. 

The progress report is categorized by core 6 values: effective government and governance, fiscal strength, safety and security, economic vitality, preserving character and identity, and quality of life.

Effective Government and Governance

  1. Provide exceptional customer service while enhancing citizen engagement
  2. Advance operational efficiency and effectiveness by improving internal business processes and integrating technology solutions
  3. Recruit, retain, and develop skilled, knowledgeable, motivated, and public service- oriented Town staff
Develop a Town-wide customer service training program tailored to employees.
Promote transparency and 24/7 access to user-friendly information on the Town website.
In progress
Develop a community engagement solution.

Fiscal Strength

  1. Maintain and improve the Town’s bond rating
  2. Leverage grant opportunities and partnerships to increase return on investment
  3. Ensure fiscal sustainability and resilience through effective long term financial planning
Provide financial policies and procedures that yield appropriate internal controls and management.
In progress
Maintain a healthy fund balance consistent with or better than prescribed by policy.
In progress
Foster nonresidential tax base growth.
In progress

Safety and Security

  1. Cultivate a safe and inclusive community
  2. Apply innovation and technology to enhance public safety
  3. Invest in public safety facilities and infrastructure
Nurture and enhance meaningful relationships built on trust and understanding with the community.
In progress
Implement a comprehensive recruiting plan that reflects a commitment to a diverse public safety workforce.
In progress
Reduce Part 1 (violent and property) crimes in the Town.
In progress

Economic Vitality

  1. Maintain a growing economy by providing the necessary infrastructure to support short, medium, and long-term growth
  2. Provide supportive land use planning and development regulations
  3. Promote Fuquay-Varina as a destination for investment to support diverse growth and sustainability
Identify areas of interest, consistent with the adopted land use plan, where infrastructure expansion can support non-residential private investment.
In progress
Appropriate funding and seek financing for infrastructure projects in targeted growth areas.
In progress
Participate in public infrastructure to leverage private sector investment that promotes urban development and living.
In progress

Preserving Character and Identity

  1. Prioritize community design and character through effective land use planning policies
  2. Encourage the development community to integrate natural landscape, site, and character conditions into new development
  3. Partner with local, regional, and state organizations to promote community heritage and preservation
Continually update land use development policies to reflect community needs and aspirations.
In progress
Identify unique, historical, environmental, or cultural elements that can be expanded upon to create a sense of identity and place.
In progress
Develop multi-modal (pedestrian-friendly) systems that connect neighborhoods to public and private assets.
In progress

Quality of Life

  1. Offer diverse and inclusive recreational and cultural programming
  2. Develop recreational facilities that are in geographic proximity to all residents
  3. Develop the creative and arts identity of downtown and the Town as a whole
Expand active adult programming to support the mental, physical, and emotional health of active adults with diverse interests and lifestyles.
In progress
Expand environmental programming and education at Town nature and passive parks.
In progress
Develop outdoor cultural arts and historical programming to be provided at Town park sites.
In progress

The Town Board will revisit and update the Strategic Plan in Fiscal Year 2024 to reflect initiatives that have been accomplished.

  1. Katie Lumb

    Budget & Fiscal Strategy Manager