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Pre-Development Meetings

  • The Town encourages a pre-development meeting prior to submitting a site plan or major subdivision application. This meeting provides assistance with the review process and schedule, outlines the proposed scope of work and development, and familiarizes applicants with the provisions of the Land Development Ordinance (LDO).
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Pre-Submittal Meetings

Comment Review Meetings

  • Following received comments, a petitioner may request a comment review meeting to better understand staff comments on a review of a submitted plan or application.
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Pre-Construction Meetings

  • Prior to the start of construction, an infrastructure pre-construction meeting is scheduled through the Town's Engineering Department. Scheduling information is provided with the Site Plan Approval. This meeting allows for coordination of inspections, construction process review, and collection of required fees.
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Digital Submittals

Development Review Process Flowchart

Development Review Process Flow Chart

For more information on the development approval process, please click HERE.