The Engineering Department provides engineering, technical, and contract management assistance to various Town departments. The Engineering Department provides the following typical services:

  • New Development Plan Review and Construction Inspections
  • Environmental Program Management (Stormwater Management, Sedimentation, and Erosion Control & Floodplain Management)
  • Project management for the planning, design, and construction of municipally funded infrastructure projects, i.e. water system extensions, sewage collection system extensions, Town maintained roadway and storm sewer projects, and Town facility improvements
  • Long-range infrastructure planning
  • Updates to Town Standard Specifications and Details
  • Development of various engineering policies and procedures

Further Duties

It is also the Engineering Department's responsibility to schedule, design, prepare specifications, acquire permits, secure rights-of-way, advertise, bid, and manage various capital improvement projects as directed and approved by the Town Board of Commissioners and the Town Manager.

Other engineering responsibilities include plan review, obtaining and holding applicable permits and encroachment agreements, and observing the construction of new public infrastructure to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Town Standard Specifications and Construction Details

Town Standards Specifications and Construction Details, Version 3.0, Effective January 1, 2019. Please click here for more information and to download the Town Standard Specifications and Construction Details.

Previous Town Standard Specifications and Construction Details: Previous Town Standard Specifications and Construction Details are available upon request. Please contact the Engineering Department by email or by phone at 919-753-1004.