Public Education & Outreach

Stormwater Impact

The Town of Fuquay-Varina has implemented a public education program that distributes educational materials to the community and conducts outreach activities about the impacts of stormwater discharges on local water bodies and the steps that can be taken to reduce stormwater pollution.


The Town currently is a member of the Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP). The resources provided by the CWEP membership help the Town get stormwater information into the hands of the public. The Clean Water Education Partnership has several topical brochures to help educate on stormwater issues.

In addition, the Town's newsletter contains articles for stormwater best management practices. Also, brochures containing tips for good stormwater management are distributed to with utility bills each year.

The Town also creates educational pieces sent to citizens in their utility bill.
Stormwater-Fall Brochure-Side 2
Color-Stormwater-Spring Brochure
Illicit Discharge Mailing - 1
Stormwater-Fall Brochure-Side 2
Color-Stormwater-Lawn Care
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