Single Family Residence Permit Requirements

What is required when permitting a new single family residence?
The following items are required:
  • Permit Application (PDF)
  • Sub-Contractor’s Sheet (PDF) - Must have all the subs state license number. Do not forget to sign the bottom of the form
  • Lien agent information and a copy of your receipt that includes the icon for smart phones
  • Three sets of plans. We do not accept mirror reverse plans. Plans must be drawn to scale. Make sure engineer’s seal is current.
  • Two copies of the plot plan. Plot plan must be drawn to scale and show all easements related to the property.
We must have on file for your company a current Certificate of Insurance (Liability) and a G.S. Chapter 87-14 and 97 Compliance Verification for Workers Compensation Insurance (PDF). These two items will need to be updated every July 1.