Public Utilities

The primary function of the Public Utilities Department is to maintain the town's water and sewer infrastructure including all existing and new water and sewer lines to ensure that all applicable guidelines and regulations are met. The Department currently maintains:

  • 230 miles of sanitary sewer pipes
  • 2 wastewater plants
  • 31 sewage pump stations
  • 2 elevated water tanks
  • 3 water booster  pumps to distribute almost a billion gallons of water annually to over 16,000 meters
  • Approximately 255 miles of underground water lines
Public Utilities

The Public Utilities Department is responsible for insuring the town's compliance with all State and Federal regulations regarding water quality issues for water and sewer.

Wastewater Treatment & Collection

The Town maintains two wastewater treatment plants, 230 miles of sewer lines, and 31 sewer pump stations. Testing and monitoring of the wastewater effluent is an ongoing procedure. Wastewater effluent quality reports are submitted to the State on a monthly basis to help ensure that all quality standards are met. Monitoring tests are performed at the Town's own laboratory, as well at a State certified independent lab. The Terrible Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and the Brighton Forest WWTP which we currently operate discharge to the Neuse River basin. The Town also discharges wastewater in the Cape Fear Basin to the North Harnett Regional WWTP which discharges to the Cape Fear River. The cumulative sewage treatment capacity of the Town is 3.77 million gallons a day.

The Town has an ongoing infiltration and inflow, "I and I" program, to reduce the amount of water from other sources that reach our plant for treatment. The main source of infiltration and inflow is excess groundwater during heavy rainfall events. Each citizen of Fuquay-Varina can assist in this program by ensuring that your portion of the service line is intact, and that you clean out cover is in place and properly sealed.

Public Water Supply

The Town of Fuquay-Varina purchases water for consumption from the City of Raleigh, Harnett County and Johnston County. In addition to the monitoring and testing done by our sources of supply, Town personnel take samples throughout the system on a monthly basis to insure it customers have a safe water supply. These samples are tested by an independent State Certified Laboratory. We strive to ensure that our domestic water supply is the best available. Copies of our annual report are available through the Public Utilities Department. We currently have a capacity of 4.25 million gallons per day available from our sources.