Community Demographic Information

The demographic information presented here is intended to provide a basic snapshot of Wake County and Fuquay-Varina. Data is used extensively by the county to guide decision-making when crafting policy and allocating resources to meet the goals set by the Board of Commissioners.

Community Profile

     2020 (Census Year)34,152
     2010 (Census Year)17,937
Median Age37
Population with Bachelor's Degree or Higher47.1%
Labor Force18,159
Number of Establishments1,324
Top Employers
     John Deere Turf Center
     TE Connectivity
     Wake County Public School System
     Berk - Tek (a Leviton Company)
     Office and Administrative Support14.08%
     Executive, Managers and Administrators10.5%
     Production Workers10.2%
Median Household Income*$85,047
Commercial Investment (2022)$92,388,229
Residential Investment (2022)$355,800,914

*US Census Bureau, Lightcast Q1 2023 Data Set

**US Census Bureau, 2022 Annual Population Estimate

WC 2020 Population

More than 1 million people call Wake County “home”, and the county is growing more than twice as fast as the rest of the state. The county grows by approximately 62 people per day and added 225,000 people over the last decade.

The demographic makeup of this growth includes older people moving to this region. According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates (2010–2019), 46% of Wake County's population growth came from people aged 55 and older.

Most Populated Counties

Fuquay-Varina is the 6th largest municipality in the most populous county in the State. Between the last two decennial Censuses, the Town grew by 90%, and the Town’s Inspections Department continually sets records for the most building permits issued monthly. The image below shows the concentration of building permits issued in Southern and Western Wake County.

Residential vs Commercial

Age & Race

The 2020 Census revealed that 27.2 %, almost a third of Fuquay-Varina’s population, is under 18 years old. Further, 7.1% of those under 18 are under the age of 5, meaning Fuquay-Varina is one of the “youngest” Towns in the County.

Persons under 5 years, 2021: 7.1%

Persons under 18 years, 2021: 27.2%

Persons 65 years and over, 2021: 13.3%

Fuquay-Varina’s population is slightly more female than male, at 53% female population.

Race and Hispanic Origin statistics:

Race/Hispanic Origin (%)200020102020
White alone70.672.371.7
Black or African American24.419.717.8
American Indian & Alaskan Native alone0.40.60.2
Asian alone0.52.01.9
Native Hawaiian & other Pacific Islander aloneN/A0.00.0
Two or more races1.22.76.4
Hispanic or Latino7.49.78.4


Total Housing Units3,3757,32511,567
Owner-Occupied Units (%)61.673.270.5
Median value of owner-occupied units$117,500N/A$303,400
Median gross rent$622N/A$1,391