Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning) Process

The zoning map amendment process, or rezoning request, begins with the submittal of an application package to the Planning Department. The application provides a list of all required submittal materials including the application fee, which covers the Town's administrative costs. Completed applications provide Town Staff all the information necessary to forward the request through the review process.  

The Process

The following outlines the typical process followed for rezonings:

Pre-Submittal Meeting

The Town requires a pre-submittal meeting prior to submitting the rezoning petition. This meeting is held with Town staff and provides the opportunity for the applicant to present a nearly complete rezoning application to receive feedback. Click HERE to request a presubmittal meeting.

Rezoning Submittal & Review

The formal rezoning process begins when the application package is submitted to the Planning Department. Click HERE for the application. The application provides a list of all required submittal materials including the application fee. A general outline of the review and approval process is also included in the application. Applications for rezonings are accepted on a rolling basis, once a project has had a pre-submittal meeting.

Once the submittal has been made, staff will work with the petitioner to bring the petition into compliance with the Town's long-range plans and vision. Review cycles can be two to three weeks and a project will likely have multiple review cycles. Following received comments, a petitioner may request a comment review meeting to better understand staff comments on a review of a submitted plan or application. Click HERE to request a comment review meeting. Once staff determines the project to be compliant, staff will prepare the petition for the next available Planning board meeting (availability is determined by N.C. Gen. Stat. required advertising deadlines).


Public notices of zoning map amendment requests are provided to the community so they can be involved in the process. The following notification procedures are followed for both the Planning Board and Town Board:

  • Two (2) legal advertisements are made in one (1) of the local newspapers.  
  • A sign is posted on the property. 
  • Mailed notices are sent to adjacent property owners.  

All notification procedures are in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes. 

The Planning Board 

The first review of a zoning map amendment request is held at a public hearing before the Planning Board. A public hearing allows for community input both for and against a request. The Planning Board's duty is to generate a recommendation that will be forwarded to the Town Board, along with a recommendation by Town Staff. The Planning Board can recommend that the Town Board either approve or deny a request. Click HERE for more information about the Planning Board. 

The Town Board

A second public hearing and review is held before the Town Board. The Town Board hears recommendations of the Town Staff and Planning Board, as well as community input. The Town Board makes the final decision on zoning map amendments. That decision is typically made at the same meeting as the public hearing, but the Town Board may also table the request to another meeting, if more time is needed to consider the petition.

Citizen Comments

In compliance with North Carolina General Statutes, if any resident or property owner in the Town submits a written statement regarding a proposed zoning map amendment to the Clerk to the Town Board at least two (2) business days prior to the proposed vote on the request, the Clerk to the Board shall deliver such written statement to the Town Board. This provision does not apply to requests being heard by the Planning Board; any statements should be made in person during the public hearing held by the Planning Board.

The North Carolina General Assembly adopted Session Law 2015-160, amending requirements of NCGS 160D-603 for the process formerly known as protest petition.