Annexation is the process for the Town of Fuquay-Varina to expand its corporate boundaries and is initiated solely at the request of the property owner. There are a number of ways residents can voluntarily annex into the Town limits, which are all described in Article Q, Section 9-1808, (c) of the Town's Land Development Ordinance

Outline of Annexation

  1. Petition and all required information (on application cover page) must be submitted to Town Clerk at least seven (7) calendar days before next regular Town Board meeting, which is held the first Monday of each month.
  2. Petition is placed on Town Board agenda for next available regular meeting.
  3. Town Board may then direct the Town Clerk to investigate the sufficiency of the petition.
  4. Town Clerk investigates, and if all is in order, presents Certificate of Sufficiency to Board at next regular meeting - approximately 30 days later.
  5. Town Board adopts resolution setting a public hearing at next available public hearing session - usually 15 days later at the mid-month meeting falling on Tuesday after the third Monday.
  6. Public Hearing held as advertised.
  7. Annexation Ordinance may be adopted; usually a the next regular meeting, which is the first Monday night of the month - approximately 13 days after the hearing.
  8. Town Clerk notifies required agencies of approved annexation.

Useful Documents