Preliminary Plat

Proposed Subdivision

Submittal of a preliminary plat is intended to give the Town specific information about the proposed subdivision before any improvements are made.

Steps in Review Process

Preliminary plat will follow the following steps in review and approval:
Housing Development

Administrative / Staff Review

Once the preliminary plat is submitted, it will be reviewed by Town Staff. The review of the preliminary plat will take a minimum of 21 business days to which a list of review comments will be provided to the primary contact and developer listed on the application form.

Town Staff will be primarily concerned with the improvements proposed and their potential effect on the Town. The Staff will review the proposed preliminary plat to ensure that it is in compliance with the Town's ordinances, development standards, and adopted plans or policies. The plat may also be reviewed by others outside the development review staff, including Federal, State, local agencies, or others, as the Planning Department considers appropriate or as necessary for compliance.

In order to complete this administrative review stage, the applicant must address the Staff's comments and make corrections where necessary. 

Planning Board Review

At the next available regular monthly meeting, the Planning Board will review the proposed preliminary plat. The Planning Board will recommend that the Town Board approve the preliminary plat, approve the preliminary plat subject with modifications or conditions, or disapprove the preliminary plat. The applicant is encouraged to attend the meeting and may be granted an opportunity to speak if requested by the Planning Board.

Town Board Review

The preliminary plat, along with the Town Staff and Planning Board's recommendations, will be presented to the Town Board. The Town Board may approve the preliminary plat, approve the preliminary plat with conditions or disapprove the preliminary plat. If the Board approves the subdivision, the applicant may then submit construction drawing plans for review.

Next Step: Submit Construction Drawings

The preliminary plat is only valid for one (1) year after the Town Board's approval date, during which time the applicant must submit construction drawings for review. Failing to do so would render the preliminary plat no longer valid and the process of preliminary plan approval would start over.