Minor / Exempt / Recombination Plat Process

The Town of Fuquay-Varina allows minor subdivision, exempt, and recombination plats to be recorded using an administrative process without the Town Board of Commissioners' approval.

Minor Subdivision 

This is the division of a land parcel into, at most, four (4) lots meeting the conditions listed below:

  • The subdivision does not involve any new public street/road dedication to give access to the proposed lots.
  • The subdivision does not involve the extension of public sanitary sewer or water lines.
  • The subdivision will not create any new or residual parcels that do not satisfy the requirements of the Land Development Ordinance (LDO).

A minor subdivision is not necessarily required to include construction of road improvements; however, the minor subdivision must include a dedication of an additional right-of-way if it is required by the Town's Community Transportation Plan (CTP).

Exempt Plat

Exempt plats do not create additional lots. Examples of an exempt plat include: the addition of easements to a parcel; an additional right-of-way dedication for an existing public street; and/or a boundary survey of an existing parcel or lot.

Recombination Plat

A recombination plat is where two or more parcels or portions of a parcel(s) are combined into one parcel or where boundary lines are adjusted. A recombination plat does not permit the creation of additional lots beyond what was existing prior to the proposed recombination.

Review & Approval Process

 The review and approval process for these types of plats can be found on the required application. Please click HERE.

Comment Review Meeting

Following received comments, a petitioner may request a comment review meeting to better understand staff comments on a review of a submitted plan or application. Click HERE to request a comment review meeting.