Site Plan Process

A site plan is required for construction of new commercial or industrial development, building expansions and additions meeting certain criteria, as well as other specific circumstances outlined by the Town's Land Development Ordinance (LDO). 
Please visit the Town's 
Development Liaison webpage to request any of the meetings described below.

The Process

The following outlines the typical process followed for site development:

Pre-Development Meeting

The Town encourages a pre-development meeting prior to submitting a site plan application. This meeting provides assistance with the review process and schedule, outlines the proposed scope of work and development, and familiarizes applicants with the provisions of the LDO. Click HERE to schedule a pre-development meeting.   

Pre-Submittal Meeting

The Town requires a pre-submittal meeting prior to submitting a site plan. This meeting is scheduled once a project has gone beyond the due diligence stage and the applicant provides a full plan set for discussion. Town Staff can offer assistance during the meeting in order to expedite the formal staff review process. Click HERE to schedule a pre-submittal meeting.

Site Plan Submittal

The formal site plan review process begins when the application package is submitted to the Planning Department. Site Plan review is an administrative, staff-level approval process. The Site Plan Checklist provides a list of all required submittal materials, as well as a general outline of the review and approval process. Site plans are “construction drawings” which means that a full site development package is required. Submittals are accepted on a rolling basis as the Town does not have specific submittal deadlines.

Town Staff will provide comments once the site plan review is completed, generally within 21 business days of processing, unless otherwise notified. Revised plans are submitted at the will of an applicant, at which time, the 21-business day review cycle begins again. Following received comments, a petitioner may request a comment review meeting to better understand staff comments on a review of a submitted plan or application. Click HERE to request a comment review meeting. Plans are approved once a site plan is deemed to be in compliance with Town requirements. 

Exempt Plat Submittal

If applicable, any additional easements and dedication of right required through the Site Plan Review must be submitted for review and approval as an Exempt Plat. The approved plat for easements and dedication must be recorded prior to approval of the Site Plan.

Building Plan Submittal

Building plans are reviewed by the Town's Inspections Department. Building plans can be submitted after the site plan has been approved. Please note that the building plans will not be approved until the site plan has been approved. Click HERE for the Town's Inspections Department. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to the start of construction a pre-construction meeting is scheduled through the Town's Engineering Department. Scheduling information is provided with the Site Plan Approval. This meeting allows for coordination of inspections, construction process review, and collection of required fees. Click HERE to schedule a pre-construction meeting. 

Construction of Infrastructure & Building(s)

Construction of infrastructure (streets, utilities, etc.) is inspected by the Town's Engineering Department. Click HERE for the Town's Engineering Department. 

Building construction is inspected by the Town's Inspections Department. Inspections related to site stabilization and zoning compliance are performed by the Town's Planning Department and are scheduled through the Inspections Department. Click HERE for the Town's Inspections Department.