Yard Debris and Loose Leaf Collection

Yard Debris

Yard debris service must be requested.  Please complete the Yard Debris Form or call 919-552-1408 to request service.

All requests for pick-up received by 5:00 pm on Monday will be scheduled for pick up that week.  To ensure service, debris should be placed curbside by Monday evening to be picked up before the end of the week. Requests received after 5:00 pm on Monday will be picked up the next week. 

For holiday weeks only, please place yard debris curbside Sunday evening to ensure pick up. Our yard debris team starts collection a day early during weeks that contain a holiday.

Requirements for Collection

Effective July 1, 2020, the Town will eliminate the use of bags for yard debris collection.  The facility that receives the Town’s yard debris has informed the Town that they will no longer accept bagged yard debris effective July 1.  No other yard debris collection facility in the area will accept bagged yard debris due to the contamination paper and plastic bags cause to the compost waste stream.  Therefore, the Town is required to eliminate bags from the yard debris waste stream.  The Town will no longer collect bagged yard debris effective July 1, 2020

For this reason, residents will need to place all loose residential yard debris (grass clippings, loose leaves, and small pruning branches) in one or multiple plastic totes (less than 20 gallons). Lids are not required but are helpful particularly when there is a lot of rain which makes the containers very heavy.  The total weight of a single container shall be no greater than 40 pounds. These containers may be placed curbside on the same yard debris collection schedule, and containers will be emptied and left by the curb by Town yard debris collections staff.

Larger yard debris such as limbs must be stacked in one large pile, to facilitate collection by a knuckle boom.  Limbs should not be longer than 5 feet in length and 5 inches in diameter.

Yard waste includes any vegetative material. No dirt or rocks will be collected  
We can not pick up containers weighing more than 40 lbs.  Please do not place yard debris or limbs on a tarp.


Remember, that yard debris removal is a residential service. If landscapers do yard work at your home, they are responsible for hauling away any yard waste generated. Yard debris left by landscape contractors, tree surgeons or other paid technicians will not be collected.

  1. Yard Debris

    Phone: 919-552-1408

Loose Leaf Collection

Loose leaf collection service is provided from mid-October through mid-February. 

Requirements for Collection

From mid-October thru mid-February, leaves are vacuumed curbside. Please do not place in a bag or container. Place loose leaves and pine straw that are free of limbs, sticks, rocks and other debris at the curb in one large pile by Sunday evening of your regularly schedule recycle week. Do not place leaves in the street where they may interfere with traffic or drainage. Do not block sidewalks or fire hydrants. 

Loose leaves are picked-up the same week as your recycling. Determine your recycling route by subdivision and street, then cross reference the Green and Blue Recycling Schedule.

For further assistance, call 919-753-1027.