Economic Development Strategic Plan

The goal of the Town of Fuquay-Varina Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025 is to build a comprehensive plan that is adaptable to emerging trends in economic development; resilient to changes in regional economic conditions; and build a foundation to create, implement and accomplish economic development goals and objectives to ensure Fuquay-Varina’s marketplace is sustainable for long-term growth.

The economic development initiatives listed below have been recommended and endorsed by the Town’s leadership because they embody economic development characteristics that are methodical in approach, realistic in scope, and cumulative in producing future benefits. The Town Board, with support from staff and regional economic development partners, has focused on strategies that reflect the unique opportunities that will have the greatest impact on economic growth within the community.

  • Initiative #1: Commercial & Retail Recruitment and Development
  • Initiative #2: Economic Development Incentive Policy & Toolkit
  • Initiative #3: In-Fill Downtown Development
  • Initiative #4: Manufacturing Recruitment and Development
  • Initiative #5: Marketing & Public Outreach
  • Initiative #6: Transportation, Infrastructure & Utility Investment

This Economic Development Strategy will be reviewed periodically to ensure compatibility with the local, regional and national economic trends and marketplace conditions. This Strategy should not be viewed as a final approach to accelerating economic development. Caution dictates that the strategy should be reviewed every three to five years to accommodate successes, identify new courses of action and calibrate existing development priorities.