Wake County Land Fill Tours

Discover What Happens to Your Trash After It Leaves the Curb
Free public landfill tour dates announced for 2019

Wake County residents generate an average of five pounds of trash per person, per day. Trash still has a long journey once it leaves the curb. Wake County’s Solid Waste Management Division invites residents to take a free tour of the South Wake Landfill in Apex to learn what happens to their trash and how to reduce the amount of waste that goes in the County’s landfill.  

Tours of the 750-acre facility are currently scheduled from 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. on the following dates: 

Wednesday, January 16
Saturday, February 9
Wednesday, March 6
Saturday, April 6 
Wednesday, May 8
Saturday, June 8

The South Wake Landfill is the destination for most trash collected in the county, as well as trash collected at Wake County’s many waste drop off facilities. Approximately 460,000 tons of trash are disposed of at the landfill each year. The total amount has increased around two to three percent each year for the past five years. 
During the tours, participants tour the site in a bus while learning what items should not be put in the trash, how to increase recycling and how to reduce waste at home. Participants will also learn how the Landfill Gas program is turning trash into energy. 
Tours are open to the general public, participants must be eight years of age or older. Online registration is required, as seats are limited. To register or learn more, visit Wake County website.

Landfill Tours - 2019