Are there rules for fences?

A permit is NOT required for the installation of a fence in Fuquay-Varina’s corporate limits and ETJ. However, some basic standards include:

  • Fences should be located at least three (3) inches from a property line to avoid property line disputes.  
  • Privacy fences should be installed with a 2-inch clearance at the base for stormwater to drain underneath.  
  • Fences are not permitted in the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way typically ends two (2) feet from the back of the sidewalk or five (5) feet from the back of the curb where no sidewalk exists.  
  • Fences are not permitted in utility, drainage, stormwater, or other similar easements. Fences ARE permitted in landscaping and buffer easements, but in these cases, the fences must be installed eight (8) feet from the property line and so that the majority of the landscaping and plant materials are outside of the fence.

Please consult the Town's Land Development Ordinance for the full list of the Town's fence standards. Additionally, please check with your homeowners’ association or your deed to see if there are additional, private standards (Restrictive Covenants) in your neighborhood. It’s important to know that even where restrictive covenants create standards, compliance with the Town’s standards is still mandatory.

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