Do I need a permit for an accessory structure?

A permit is required for all accessory structures. The term accessory structure includes a shed, utility building, detached garage etc. Even if you purchase a prefabricated shed from a local retailer, a permit is still required. The permit allows the Town’s staff to verify that the accessory structure meets the required setback (typically 8 feet from the property line and outside of any easements) and does not exceed any of the Town’s other regulations. Please see the Town's Land Development Ordinance for a complete list of requirements. The Town’s Inspections Department facilitates this permitting process.

Please check with your homeowners’ association or your deed to see if there are additional, private standards in your neighborhood. It’s important to know that even where restrictive covenants create standards, compliance with the Town’s standards is still mandatory. For more information, contact the Planning Department at 919-552-1429 or

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