Who is doing the work?

The project is being managed for the Town by MeterSYS, a Raleigh-based advanced metering consulting firm, specializing in advanced metering technologies. MeterSYS will be responsible for overall management of the project, field meter box improvements, software installation, and training along with the manufacturer Itron and their AMI certified technician, United Systems and Software. Field personnel working on the project will carry proper identification and have successfully completed a background check. Field personnel will not need to enter residential property, nor will they be asking for any form of payment from customers.  

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1. Why is the Town converting its meters to new reading technology?
2. Why is the Town changing the way it reads the meters?
3. How does the new system work?
4. What is the technology that reads my meter and sends it to the Town? Is it safe?
5. Will my water bill increase?
6. Who is doing the work?
7. Will I be without water during the field work?
8. Who do I contact with questions about the field work to my meter?